Mahopac, NY

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Situated along the southern border of Putnam County, New York lies the quiet and beautiful area of Mahopac. Classified as a suburb in the town of Carmel, NY, Mahopac is still a census-designated place with a concentration of over 8,300 people. The area surrounding Mahopac includes that of Lake Mahopac, a 587-acre body of water. The lake itself encompasses the landscape and picturesque nature, all within a 6.4 square mile area. The suburb of Mahopac, NY was set up as early as 1697, due to an influx of Dutch settlers coming to America. The land stayed an important strategical location during the American Revolution as it aided the Colonial garrisons in transporting troops and other goods. After victory over the British, the area of Mahopac became a summer resort community for those to vacation, relax and even settle down. Today, this remains the case for most of the suburb. With over 2,900 households encircling Lake Mahopac, the area sees many lake houses, cottages, and cabins all with access to the water. Mahopac, NY is also home to 33,000 square foot public library, which hosts many events throughout the year. For those who choose to call this place home, you can add equity to your property with a wonderful swimming pool. At Nejame & Sons, we are proud to help families and homeowners throughout Mahopac, NY with quality pool supplies and services.

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While activities such as boating and fishing are allowed on Lake Mahopac, you still need a place to wind down at home. With temperatures reaching upwards of 90°F, turn to Nejame & Sons to help you cool off. We feature a variety of above ground pool and inground pool options, as well as relaxing hot tubs & spas. Our above ground pool installations offer versatility and a unique perspective that can fit any style of home in Mahopac. The inground pool systems we supply come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs giving you the ability to create the pool of your dreams. When it is time to relax and improve your overall health, consider our quality hot tubs & spas. Since 1921, our family business has been proud to serve the residents of Mahopac, NY & the surrounding areas. The dedication to our pool service has awarded us over 28 awards, recognition in the AQUA 100 and as one of the Top 50 Builders in America. For more information about our choice of pools or the pool supplies we provide, please feel free to contact either of our locations today. To get inspired, we welcome you to browse our gallery to see some of the recent custom pools, hot tubs, and spas we have created for Mahopac homeowners.