How Often Should You Clean Your Hot Tub?

When You Should Clean Your Hot Tub

Life can be stressful. Work, bills, friends, and family can result in you feeling overwhelmed sometimes. There are many ways that one can relieve stress such as taking a dip in a hot tub. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting into a hot tub and relaxing for a bit? We sure do. It is always nice to come home after a long day and get into the hot tub. It feels like the stress just melts away. To keep it ready for use whenever you need it, you must keep it clean. A dirty tub is more likely to experience issues that can cost you time and money to fix. So, how often should you be cleaning your hot tub?

You should be doing a light cleaning every week. This includes routinely adding chemicals to the water. You can clean the shell and jets of your tub with a sponge and white vinegar. You can also use a hot tub cleaner if you prefer. In addition to the weekly cleanings, you should be doing complete thorough cleanings every three to four months. For deep cleanings, you should be draining your tub completely and wiping down all the components of your hot tub/spa.

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