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Newtown is a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Because of its location in southwest Connecticut, Newtown is part of both the New York metropolitan area and the greater Danbury metropolitan area. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Newtown has a population of approximately 27,560. First known as Quanneapague, Newton, CT was officially founded in 1705 when English colonists purchased the land from the Pohtatuck Indians. By 1711, the settlement became officially incorporated as a town. As part of the Northeastern United States, Newtown, CT is known for its highly fluctuating seasons. The winters are cold, autumn is mild, spring is warm, and summers are hot. Although part of Newtown, CT borders Taunton Pond, the best way to cool off during a Newtown, CT summer is with your own custom swimming pool.

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Nejame & Sons is proud to be part of the close Newtown, CT community. We’ve had 4 generations of quality pool installation, pool maintenance, pool equipment, and more. For nearly 100 years, we’ve been the choice for inground pools, above ground pools, hot tubs, and spas in the Newtown, CT area. In addition to offering swimming pool installation, we also offer rock walls and water features, including grottos and water slides. To learn more about our custom inground pools and spas for the Newtown, CT area, please get in touch with us today!