Closing Your Swimming Pool Before Winter – 5 Tips

Closing Your Swimming Pool Before Winter – 5 Tips

It’s almost the end of September and pool season is slowly coming to an end, so it is almost time to close up your pool and get it ready for the winter ahead. Winterizing your swimming pool helps protect your pool from damage that occurs from the expansion of ice within your pool over the winter months. It also helps to keep your pool water clean and well balanced for the next season. Closing your swimming pool properly can also save you a ton of time and work when it’s finally time to open it up again! Follow these tips to successfully close your pool for the winter months:

Balance your water’s chemistry – You will want to add winterizing chemicals and get the water ready to brave the upcoming winter months. Without proper water chemistry, staining will likely occur.  Improper pH levels can also be destructive and corrode the pool and its equipment. You can use a winter closing kit for a worry-free close.

Remove everything from the pool – Aside from the water, you will want to remove everything from the pool including the ladder, pool toys, the thermometer, hoses, and accessories. You will also want to remove the drain plugs from the pump, filter, heater or heat pump, and chlorinator to allow the water to drain out. Make sure all water is drained from these to prevent freezing or cracking.

Clean the pool thoroughly – You should clean your pool the same day you plan to cover it. You will want to brush, skim, and vacuum the pool to remove all dirt and debris. Also, be sure to scrub the walls of any dirt or debris and ensure that your pool cleaner cleared the bottom well. Test and balance the chemicals to make sure the water is in the normal range.

Winterize your pool’s plumbing – You’ll want to ensure that water is drained from all plumbing related materials in your pool as leaving water in the lines of your pump over the winter can lead to damage caused by the cold temperatures. Using a shop vacuum or an air compressor, you’ll blow air from the skimmer, through the equipment, and back into the pool. Air should now be coming out of the skimmer lines, return jet lines, and the suction lines. While this is happening, plug the returns using winterizing plugs.

Install your winter cover – Now that your pool is properly taken care of, it is time to cover it. Position your winter cover over your pool so there are no gaps or holes for debris to enter through. In order to secure the cover, you’ll need to use water tubes or aqua blocks as they will keep the cover in place during high winds. When using water tubes fill them 2/3 full. With aqua blocks only filled to the designated fill line.

At Nejame & Sons, we provide a variety of pool services for in-ground and above ground swimming pools. If you have questions about closing your pool, need pool supplies, or would like to schedule service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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